Randall Whitted

UX Writer and Visibility Pro

What is UX Writing and Online Visibility? Good question!

Here's what I do

UX Writing

Micro-transactions, user experiences, transitional messaging, alerts and so much more.

Visibility & SEO

Be found online through Google best practices, solid content development and over ten years of experience.

Professional website content and construction using WordPress with search-friendly mobile-first design.

Play Guitar

Ever known a writer that doesn't play guitar? I haven't. We've got a reputation to live up to.

Designers are awesome, there's no doubt.

But writing has a solid place in both UX (user experience) and online visibility. In fact, it's critical to both. What good is a great looking website that frustrates a visitor - or can't even be found in the first place? How counter productive is it to earn a customer, then make interactions with you so difficult that they leave?

Gimme some strategerie-ness.

It all starts with strategy. And that's where I excel. If I were just a great writer (aw, shucks), I'd be writing novels. If I were just a strategic thinker (props to big-picture people) I wouldn't be writing. Thankfully, I'm both. That means I can add huge value and insight to the number crunching, idea generating and problem solving. And then when it comes time to make it short, sweet and effective, that's my bag, baby.

Featured Work

Paperless Billing

How I saved $6 million per year

Card Controls

Ground-up new capability

Hi, I'm Randall. I've worked with designers and developers my entire career creating great experiences on websites, mobile apps and tablets. We get along like PB & J with potato chips inside.

Some career highlights include:

  • Developing the Nationwide Mobile App used by tens of thousands of customers

  • Saving my employer over $6 million per year by refining and simplifying messaging in a single, brief interaction

  • Improving the user experience on a complex website used by over 40 million customers per month

  • Growing several clients' small businesses into successful companies

Read the Knowledge Blog. Like most blogs there's not much there yet, but hey. It's a start.