These are some of my favorites from years past.

Cooper Tires

Cars are awesome to write ads for, but tires? They are challenging products to write ads for, but thanks to the great Art Directors I got to work with, we made it fun and productive. And spending a few days in Canada with Kirk Herbstreit didn't suck either.

Longaberger Magazine

I researched and wrote all articles and letters for the quarterly Longaberger magazine. This example was one of my favorite because I learned how to take care of my own knives. And now, no one touches them but me...

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Brewers Yard Apartments

Things were slow so we did some almost pro-bono ads for the big new apartment complex near us in German Village. The grins and laughs at the presentation meeting were fun but I don't think the client ever ran these ads.

Liberty Books

This local Columbus-area book store pitched itself as the Midwest version of big, independent New York City bookstores. When the idea for this campaign hit me, I was impressed with myself and excited - I'm usually not this clever! I still remember the look on the Creative Director's face when we showed them comps of the ads. The truly rewarding moments in advertising are rare and brief, but they make an impact. This is still one of my favorite campaigns. The tagline is an added bonus.


As an internal writer hired from ad agencies, I was fortunate to work on internal "ads" directed at the company's 9,000 plus employees. While you're here, take a second to read the body copy. In my opinion, it flows pretty well, is interesting and still gets the message across... almost like I was doing my job!

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA was one of my biggest clients, and work for them included television ads, trade and consumer print ads and in-store posters. But CARS... my favorite subject!

Damon's Grill

These were in-store posters, I believe placed in the entrance waiting area. We were told by the client that they were a big hit with franchise owners. I would have loved to do more food ads because, as Jim Gaffigan has shown, food has so much personality... almost as much as the people who love to eat food.

Werner Ladders

These ads were actually part of a pitch for the account. This work was really fun because who spends time thinking about ladders, right? ...and that's exactly what drove the concept - you don't think about your Werner ladder, you just use it, trust it, and never need to replace it.