EasyPay Capability


Problem Statement: How might we make digital payments more convenient for non-digitalists (and digitalists who can't sign in) to increase digital payments by cardmembers.

In understandable language - how can we create an experience that makes it easy for someone who's panicking to pay their bill on time to log in without their username and password, pay their bill and log back out without exposure to any other account details. We found in research that people were very hesitant to make it so easy to access their account information with just a card number and name.

Team: The creative team, including Andy Phillips and myself, worked closely with a Business Strategist, Systems Analyst, Product Owner, Compliance Officer, Information Security, Project Manager, Scrum Master, two Front-end Devs, two Back-end Devs, two Quality Assurance Testers and a CMS Developer.

Approach: The IxD, Any Phillips, generated user personas, research, scenarios and flows with input from creative team members from other projects, then created concepts. As Andy was generating wireframes, I began working on rough content based on his wireframes while also influencing them.

High Fidelity Design: My content was added and refined as high fidelity designs were worked through. Andy and I collaborated extensively in this phase, going through multiple revisions as every step was changed, revised, updated and questioned. The creative team participated in user testing and made revisions as agreed upon by the team.

Delivery: The UX Spec document was a very tedious, but necessary step for me to make sure content was annotated correctly and, more importantly, made it into development as specified.

UX Copy Challenges

Account Access

While Andy created wireframes, I focused on how to resolve the concern that anyone with a name and card number could access the cardmember's account. The images below show steps in the experience that worked to resolve these concerns.

Welcome Screen

The messaging at the top of the screen reads "Pay securely without signing in, using information only you know."

Express Pay Code

Knowing the code feature might be confusing, I wrote short information about the code to help customers understand it.

Secure Site Concerns

To help resolve concerns, this window explained how to know this website - and any site - is secure.


From research we understood that our primary target was a little panicked and possibly frustrated at not having or remembering their password. The experience needed to be friendly and calming, very brief yet serious enough to not make them angry with overly-carefree and "chipper" language.

Account Registration

Another goal was to close the experience with the invitation to register for a payment account, knowing that many of the users were paying their bill for the first time and had never created a payment account. The messaging on the final step was kept very simple to increase the chance of it being seen and read. I had to "fight" to keep it simple and not include all the reasons we really, really wanted them to register. Win!

Check out the production version at comenity.net/easypay